Western Red Cedar
"The Tree of Life"

Scientific Name: Thuja plicata

Distribution: Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Coast to Alaska.

Wood Description: Generally straight grained, with a uniform but rather coarse texture.

Sapwood: Nearly white, narrow, often not over 1" wide.

Heartwood: Reddish or pinkish brown to dull brown.

Durability: Excellent durability for a softwood specie.

At Wiljen Woodworks our wood of choice is Western Red Cedar, which possess unique traits that make it ideal for many applications. We import ours from the pacific northwest, where they know all about the wet weather and have learned to live with it, so has Western Red Cedar. That is why quite often you will find it in use as siding, roofing, and decking and of course outdoor furniture.  And by nature it is strong, durable, resistant to rot decay, and insects.  And is just "the most comfortable marterial for outdoor furniture"

Western Red Cedar can be considered and "exotic wood" in the north east US.